MRM Group

MRM Group is a pioneer in the agricultural industry with more than six decades of experience in producing agriculture crops of the highest quality. We have a well-known history in exporting a wide variety of the finest agriculture crops like rice white beans, broad beans. split fava beans, chickpeas, golden sesame, and black-eyed beans to the different regions of the world. In addition to that, we provide packaging services to make crops available for export through our team of passionate professionals who work to make sure you receive nothing but the highest quality. It is the experience we have and the fine variety of our agriculture crops that help us attract and gain the confidence of customers like you.


EL REYADA company was Founded in 1998 from then our Growing is rapidly increasing due to our high quality products for both local and foreign market.


ELROWAD is Leading company in agriculture crops, Cooling and Freezing, We have a long history in exporting highest agriculture crops like rice, white beans and beans to all over the world. Also, we provide local market through importing needed agriculture crops. ELROWAD also have Packing service to make crops available to be exported. "OUR MISSION IS TO DELIVER HEALTHY AGRICULTURE CROPS"


AL MAHMOUDIA company was the beginning that paved the way to the growing success that the MRM Group stands for in the agriculture industry today. AL MAHMOUDIA company has been carrying the legacy of high quality agriculture for over six decades and ever since its establishment in1957 under the name Mohamed Mahmoud EL Welely & company. Finally, in 2013 it became known as, AL Mahmoudia for RIce Milling, located in Damanhour, capital of Beheira Governorate. It is equipped with production lines and refrigerators made especially to sort filter, and purify the various agriculture crops like broad beans, lentil eyed peas, kidney beans, sesame and seeds to prepare them for export and make sure that only the finest grauns are selected to be sent to our loyal customers.

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